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Sep 13, 2010 6:00pm PDT
and on a hill, and maybe, darlene, if you can push the powerpoint, it shows, and we are recommendations has to do with -- " >> when you do that, could you point to it, too, because on television, the laser pointer does not show. it looks like you are pointing to somewhere far to the left. >> ok. it is this small area right here that we are suggesting become part of the area. the next area recommendation two, i believe, has to do with the sunnyside, so this is the area of the city that is here that is color coded in yellow, blue, and light blue, so we are actually recommending to move the boundary further north, and that will move this boundary out to this area here, and to incorporate, i believe is the par+r"tqpip 6 c1 westwood park. >> so this puts all of west would park in there. >> -- all of the west would park -- westwood park. >> we are increasing our ability to have diversity, so that is the recommendation that is here, and it obviously impact sunnyside. the next side has to deal with this other area, and we were trying to make sure that we were increasing diversity and enrollment. th
Sep 14, 2010 4:00pm PDT
, and community services, and this is on page 13 of your hand out on the powerpoint. "the sfpuc seeks to be a good neighbor and promote stability by trouble bottom line, which balances economic, environmental, and social equity goals." what you do not have in your powerpoint hand out, but which does appear in the draft definition and on the website is what one might call a value statement. the sfpuc creates measurable outcomes and devote sufficient resources to achieve the following 10 community benefit outcomes -- the first one is stakeholder and community involvement, and we put this first for a reason -- we believe that having your stakeholders involved in the design, development, the implementation, the monitoring, and the evaluation of your programs is critical, and you have some excellent examples in terms of the community advisory committee, the dead just a task force, and eight range of other communities stakeholder involvement vehicles throughout your area. the second area is workforce development. we look at both internal and external. we know there is a great deal of interest being paid
Sep 13, 2010 2:30pm PDT
'm lev kushner of the recreation park department. if we could just have the powerpoint on the screen. great. i just have a very quick powerpoint to make sure we're all on the same page. the proposal is for two regulation sized bocce courts. the idea behind this is this will activate this plaza which is currently significantly underutilized. the use that bocce courts entail is exactly the things that the recreation and park department feels is in line for our goals for this site. it's important to note that the gift is in kind. it's actually a gift of construction and materials only. it's not actually a cash gift. as supervisor chiu just mentioned, if the city decides to use the plaza differently at any point in the future, the donor has very generously agreed to replace the bocce courts and replace them with turf. all land is to remain under city ownership. there is no land changing hands as part of this proposal. here is just an aerial site plan. you can see that the two red rectangles are the bocce courts. that is the barkley on the top, stuart street is on the bottom. the bocce co
Sep 13, 2010 6:30pm PDT
of the issue. haute >> we actually have it on the powerpoint. we have listed the names of the street. we talk about the border following the 67 bus route. at least we have the description and the school. >> this is what we would like to do, and this may be difficult, but we so appreciate your being here. we have these three areas, the elementary attendance area that we just got the attendants on, the proposed feeder patterns, excuse me. [phone buzzes] we cannot do this, this is not going to work, and we do not have the capacity to do that, and i went to first reiterate and remind everybody and think this step in particular and also all of the members of the public who have given feedback on the elementary school feeder pattered on all of these proposals. thank you so much for your concern and your participation and the hard work that everyone has done, so you can see that there have been some responses to the community feedback, which is great. we have had oral reports as well as summaries. however, if there is nothing that has not been brought up this evening for us to take into consideratio
Sep 9, 2010 12:30am PDT
from the powerpoint screen as it may be if you look at the hard copy maps that i posted up over here behind me and you could look at them later. but what you could see when you have some clarity to it is there is includesering. there's includesering of the vulnerable buildings and the -- buildings and the s.r.o.'s and the housing authority in tenderloin and chinatown and north beach and areas south of market and as well as areas in the mission. they're not only includesers, but they're also clustered everylaying the faction zones. we have two factors at work here. next slide. and now our next map is dropping in yet another later. and we have green dots that have been overlaid to show the approximately 4300 soft story buildings if san francisco. and this is information that came courtesy of the department of building inspection who does an actual block by block survey of soft story buildings in 2007 and 2008. and again, what is meaningful about this slide here is that you're starting to see a very -- it is almost plaque. a very deposits overlay. of soft-story buildings and the s.r.o.'
Aug 31, 2010 6:30pm PDT
behind the pole. we have mr. o'doule. he is french. we will start off on this powerpoint. basically, it is our mission. prevention, intervention, and enforcement. prevention is the key. intervention, sometimes you cannot arrest your way out of a oblem. we have numerous service providers. you have the criminal justice center on pope st. -- polk street. people realize down here there are some bad guys. we have to lock them up. there is enforcement involved here. we try to ease our way into that. this is a triangular district. the new station -- i was here before. it was part of central. the new building opened in 2010. combine some of the different maps if you are on the computer. you can check different crime data. 176 is the high one. it has always been that way in san francisco. the last 40, 50 years, it has been that high. it has been very high over the years. you have a different radio sector here. one-car, two-car, and three-car. we break up our various beats. the 40 -- i like the staff. we have tried to staff that in the stockton area. we have maintenance problems in that area.
Sep 4, 2010 4:30am PDT
surplus and deficit. what is the difference between the two? >> i noticed they were not in the powerpoint. >> no, they are not. this was part of the kind of evaluation of the areas to see, and we're going to have them. we are getting them blown up, and we will bring into the community meetings, but without saying what they are, it is going to be hard to have been circulating, we are trying to evaluate any potential surplus -- any potential tension between the number of children who are living in a school-attendance area and the number of seats in an area -- the number of seats available. one of the models takes out all of the children who attend city- wide schools or programs and all of the citywide schools and programs. for example, if you look at clarendon, -- yes. that is because in one, we said take out 50% of the seats. instead of saying it has a capacity of 100, we say it has a capacity of 50. and then, take out all of the children who live in that area going to a citywide school. we basically said one is every child who lives in the attendance area, regardless of where they go to s
Sep 21, 2010 5:00am EDT
work together on powerpoint, word, and excel documents. if you want a pet, but not the mess, i pet could be the answer. it's a new video game. ipet gives you a virtual pet to interact with. >> the ipad -- to take the play station eye web cam, take a picture of your living room and insert this cute, fuzzy, cuddly animal into it. >> you can play ipet with the sueony play station, which also came out friday. the move is essentially a wand that attracts your motions. those are your peck bites. >>> now, good morning maryland. >> should we have known more about the danger of this intersection before a 14-year- old freshman died. >> apparently taken his own life in denver. more on the death of this 22- year-old. >> session is over. politicians know the fallout is not. i'm emily in washington. that story is coming up. >> hi, good tuesday to you. those stories are just ahead, i'm megan pringle. >> let's find out about our weather here. justin burke, now yesterday, justin said it was going to get around 48 last night. did we reach that low? >> we are pretty close this morning. it's c
Sep 12, 2010 10:00am PDT
or management. i came on short notice. i don't have slides, graphs, powerpoint presentations, but i can positively tell you of the five cents of tax issue per beverage that has been brought upon us over the last 40 years, it has never occurred on a federal level or a state level that the five cent per beverage remains after it's been distributed through. so this does positively come anywhere from 25 cents to 50 cents per unit per beverage when this is all multiplied out. on top of all the business tax and everything else as any small business in san francisco, i urge you to vote no on that. one other thing i'd like you to know which has been mentioned, if you go through bars, cafes, pizza parlors, large and small restaurants, retail stores, liquor stores, wine stores, sporting venues and hotels, it's approximately 100 pages of the yellow page correctly. all of these customers will be affected by these tax increases. in addition to that, all of the above-mentioned groups directly support charities, contributions, nonprofit, including school spirit programs, little league clubs, pee-wee s
Sep 4, 2010 5:00am PDT
powerpoint, you have a slide that is entitled "draft middle school feeder pattern" and you talk about the range between highest and lowest cst scores, and how it is going to go down from 81% to 46%, and i think it would be helpful for parents and perhaps the board as well if you could share with us the information for each of the middle schools as to what your -- you are projecting those scores to be, and also, if you could share with us what you are anticipating, and of course, you are making projections -- what you are anticipating the demographic breakdown to be. i'm not affiliated with the two previous speakers, but i am slightly surprised. i thought that effort was a very large school, and it does not seem like the schools that are going there are particularly large -- ev thought thaterette -- thought tha teverett was a large bowl. it would be good to know how many spaces are there, and how many of those slots would be filled. thank you. >> could i
Sep 9, 2010 11:00pm EDT
and then when it rebooted that presentation and instead of being the regular powerpoint presentation ended up being pornographic images. >> if convicted powell faces up to 48 years in prison. >>> now to the latest on the controversial plan by a florida pastor to burn copieses quran. it seems the plans are off. the pastor claims he made the move after officials a groad to moved the proposed site of the islamic center further away from ground zero. the officials say not so fast. t.j. has the latest. >> reporter: pastor terry jones announced he is calling off the 9/11 quran burning ceremony. >> it is my understanding and i have his word he will move the ground zero mosque to a different location. >> i am iimam feisal abdul rauf who represents the mosque continually rejected moving the project or halting construction. after jones' announcement he spoke with christian applepour. >> my major concern with moving it is that the headline in the boston world will be islam is under attack in america. >> felt like that was a sign, that is what we should do. now we're not totally, but we're a little back
Sep 10, 2010 10:00pm EDT
. as greg warren was making a power-point presentation to the >> inapprrpriate image popped up on the screen. -nd we were unable to turn off the computer. >> it is suspected 51-year-old3 walter powell became disgruutled after he was fired from his job here at baltimore substance aause systems. -> he allegedly hacked into the computer network. >> detectives discoverrd software. illegally installed. that could record employees key strokes and send them to a ú%mputer outside of the office. confidentiil passwords were3 obtained, and e-mail accounts compromised. >> to think that we can be attacked in that way, that it i3 poosible. to go to that step, is a assad thing. >> ittis now believed his plan ú%y have involved an all out during a raid police found do it yourself books to find bombs and silencers for guns that, prosecutors say powell was in the process of constructing. ú% if convicted, he could face 48 years in prison. >> that's just at the state llvel. powell also faces federal charges. while powell awaits trial, he remains on electronic monitorinn. and has been told to staa away from co
Sep 5, 2010 4:00pm EDT
in class. she teaches using a combination of her voice, powerpoint-type graphics and this cyber chalk board which students see on her screen. >> you can put quizzes inside of your presentation. >> reporter: students can ask questions through a chat panel the teacher sees on her screen. they can get extra help through e-mail and phone calls with their teachers. lessons are recorded for students to watch when they want which is what jonathan is doing with this spanish class. >> and one, up. >> reporter: jonathan is a competitive ice skater, practicing for two hours a day every morning going to school online allows him to pursue his skating. he's also add advanced student, 11-year-old student a freshman in high school. >> you can do the work problems in 20 minutes rather than waiting for the whole class to finish, it works well. >> reporter: it doesn't work without a parent or someone supervising. jonathan, for instance, likes to play video games so money usually camps out close enough so she can see his computer. aross the country, 27 states currently offer some level of full time online publ
Sep 10, 2010 5:00pm EDT
. >> david corn. >> in 2004, too, i think it was 2004, they found a powerpoint presentation about how the republicans could exploit 9/11 for their electoral purposes. it does seem that the further we get away from it, the less sacred so to speak it's become politically. so you get to what is kind of sa sorry spectacle of glenn beck and sarah palin holding an event in anchorage where they're charging people to come. they want to have an event and mark 9/11 whatever way they think possible, that's fine. but charging to do this. and you have on 9/11, you mentioned some tea partyers rallying, and the anti-government groups. they're rallying, you know, just blocks away from the pentagon on the same day that the that the -- that the pentagon, you know was attacked. and the u.s. capitol, the white house was targeted as well. >> here's sarah palin's facebook. i hope my fellow alaskans and anyone visiting from outside will join me this saturday. glenn beck will be there. you won't want to miss it. tickets are available at you can count on glenn to make the night interesting a
Sep 21, 2010 1:00pm EDT
the opportunity to start working with this now, the presentations westbound the powerpoints, they'll have a very comfortable feeling as they go forward and they'll have real workplace readiness skills. >> hey, sharon, can you share any success stories with us? >> well, we do have a few right now. as you mentioned, our students are very young. but we find that as they continue to go through our school system, that many of them are continuing their entrepreneurial efforts and they've also come back to say that in their new schools, in high school, that their teachers were surprised that they knew so many things about profit, about a business plan and all these times of things that we teach them because you don't usually find them in such young students. >> here's a perfect example of when you don't know, you really just don't know. when you don't have opportunities, you don't rise to the occasion. many of the students with the old computers that would just schutte down or just stop working for no particular reason, they thought the old computers were just fine and that's the way computers worked.
Sep 8, 2010 1:00pm EDT
, and a powerpoint set up is not available. i will do whatever i can with what ever i have at the moment, which means i'm going to just turn my laptop around, and hopefully, you will be able to see some of the slides that i have. laugh if it is a little tricky because i have to see in order to control this. well, let's give it a try. i will get to a top that is more contemporary and very relevant to today's policies. in this part of the town, in this part of the world, i suppose it is a given that the south korean naval ship was destroyed by a north korean torpedo. i suppose a majority in this room subscribe to that view. i do not know if there are any dissenters, but in some parts of the world, such as moscow and beijing, the fact does not seem to be accepted as such. even in south korea, there are many who have doubts about this official conclusion. a recent poll shows that there are more who have doubts about this conclusion than they believe that north koreans actually destroyed the ship. so how is it possible that there still are people who do not believe the obvious? what i would like to do tod
Sep 10, 2010 1:00pm EDT
peace, i did not prepare a powerpoint, but there is a graph with my remarks outside if you have not picked it up already. so you can get it from the table outsider come see me. before i start with what i was planning to say, i want to mention that usually my past history is not that relevant to my current work. i used to work with pension funds for unions. in this case, it was. one of the things that i did it the afl-cio, i worked there during the last fight over social security, the privatization fight, and one of the things that it was look at how wall street was funding privatization. there were not doing this publicly because it does not look very good for wall street to be doing this, but they certainly were doing it behind the scenes. i would say that the current situation, exactly what was mentioned, which is going on here, you do not see a big push by wall street on your disgraced and now saying we should be cutting social security. it looks very bad. but what you see in washington is what i call and tell wind. there is no resistance. it is like you're biking along in mo
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)